Agent Destiny - The Newest 60s Spy-themed Slot launched by Play’n Go

The Swedish online casino provider Play’n GO decides the date to announce the launching of the new slot game - Agent Destiny in the first May 2020. 


This new game is inspired by espionage adventures based on the original comic books and TV series of the 50s and 60s with works of art based on the style of Adam Hughes. This is one of the most famous American illustrators and comics artists in the world with pinup-style female characters artworks.

The main characters in Agent Destiny are inspired by the 1963 Modesty Blaise comic series, including notorious spies like Jame Bond and former criminals who become Modesty Blaise agents Live casino Singapore.

The experts from the game's vendor commented that taking the intriguing and intimate theme from the 60's will give players around the world an unforgettable and more special experience than the spy theme that makes up a special face for Muslims. 

The Symbols of Agent Destiny 

Launched with 5 reels - 3 rows platform along with 20 paylines, Agent Destiny possesses a trio of particularly attractive features. The player will win if there are possible winning combinations when three or more symbols appear moving from left to right on a payline.

The symbols of this game include high or low values and the wide-spread royals symbols like 10, J, Q, K, A. There are four high value pays such as a mad scientist and three agents. The Mega Symbols will appear like the Wild Safe with diversity sizes. The Mega symbols are the highest value symbols that usually appear on the same of adjacent reels or randomly landing on reels. Players can receive payment for a value 60 times their amount if there are 5 Wild Safe symbols appearing on 1 paymline.

Play'n GO's creative design team created Linked reels and Mega symbols. The purpose of this feature is to create the impression of the panels available in the comic book or in other words, to bring the images of the picture frames into the game. In addition, the designers also illustrate the details that the manufacturer put in order to link the gameplay and style of play. 

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The Chief Executive Officer’s Comment

In a press release, Johan Törnqvist - the Chief Executive Officer for Play’n GO explained in detail that: 
“If you want to make the most entertaining games, you need to consider the whole experience, that’s what we do.

Agent Destiny is not just a fun game to play, but also recapture the fun and excitement of the spy adventures the game is based on.”

In addition, Johan said that Agent Destiny owned all of the amazing factors that are combined together. This online slot has the combination of the vivid sound, beautiful interface and exciting features, which creates a wonderful slot game and makes the players who can immerse themselves within the spy adventure. 

Substitute Mission Cash position

The secret weapon position of the Swedish supplier - Mission Cash is replaced by Agent Destiny. This game is available on all devices and popular operating systems such as Android, Linux, Apple and Windows. Players can join this game anywhere with any browser. Agent Destiny promises to be a booming game in the near future.

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